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Project Code:  C410573130 Site Status: Active
CERCLIS Number:     
Other Names:     
Address:  4240 N. 55TH STREET  City:  KANSAS CITY
Zip Code:  66104    
County:  WY  River Basin:  Missouri
Latitude:  39.17113  Longitude:  -94.69677
Program Name:  State Cooperative  Project Manager:  COOK, J.

Environmental Use Control In Place? Yes
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Site Narrative:
The Nearman Creek Power Station (NCPS) is operated by the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU). The facility lies on approximately 605 acres. There is a 1,000,000 gallon diesel fuel above ground storage tank (AST) located at the Site. From 1980 to 1995, the AST was serviced by underground distribution lines that ran from the AST to the power plant. In 1995, the line was abandoned in place and an above ground distribution line was installed. As part of 2013 geotechnical investigation to support an air quality improvement project, petroleum impacted soils were encountered near the underground distribution line. Investigations and removal occurred from 2013-2015. An agreement to address the contamination was executed on April 15, 2016.  
A Limited Site Evaluation (LSE) was conducted in October 2013 with additional sampling required in February 2014. Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons-Gasoline Range Organics (TPH-GRO) were detected in soils exceeding the non-residential soil-groundwater pathway for the Kansas Tier 2 RSK value. TPH-GRO and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons-Diesel Range Organics (TPH-DRO) were also detected in groundwater above the Kansas Tier 2 RSK non-residential values for groundwater. A Soil Management Plan was also developed to assist in handling petroleum impacted soils during implementation of the air quality improvement project. In April 2015, an Interim Measure (IM) was conducted at the Site to remove petroleum impacted soils and properly decommission the underground distribution line. A Comprehensive Investigation (CI) work plan was approved in July 2016 with implementation following soon there after. The resulting Draft CI/CAS Report was approved by KDHE on March 5, 2018. KDHE developed a decision document summarizing pertinent project information supporting the selection of a preferred remedial alternative. The decision document was finalized in late December 2019 and the EUC was recorded with the Wyandotte County Register of Deeds 12/31/2019. The Responsible Part is cinsidering pursuing reclassification per KDHE guidance (BER-RS-024).

Legal Description:
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Actions Completed:
 Activity Type  Activity
 INVESTIGATION  Comprehensive Investigation  06/01/2016  03/05/2018
 DECISION OF REMEDIAL ALTERNATIVES  Corrective Action Decision  12/20/2017  03/05/2018
 ENVIRONMENTAL USE CONTROLS  Environmental Use Control(s)  08/10/2016  12/31/2019
 DECISION OF REMEDIAL ALTERNATIVES  Agency Decision Statement  05/19/2019  01/27/2020

Actions Underway:
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Actions Proposed:
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