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Project Code:  C410572967 Site Status: Active
CERCLIS Number:     
Other Names:     
Address:  201 S. 5TH STREET  City:  KANSAS CITY
Zip Code:     
County:  WY  River Basin:  KS - Lower Republican
Latitude:  39.09549  Longitude:  -94.62096
Program Name:  Voluntary Cleanup  Project Manager:  TENPENNY, T.
Contaminants:  Refined Petroleum, VOC    

Environmental Use Control In Place? No
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Site Narrative:
Union Pacific Railroad submitted an application for the former Armstrong Yard Diesel Shop, located at 201 S 5th St, Kansas City, Kansas. The property is currently vacant, but historically, fueling and diesel repair operations were conducted at this facility.  
Geotechnical investigations in November 2008 and March 2009 indicated petroleum impacts to soil and groundwater (including benzene, naphthalene, and TPH-DRO). Additional investigative activities took place from 2009 to 2011 to further assess the petroleum contamination. Four “source” areas were identified: diesel repair shop AST area, diesel shop AST area, oil/water separator area, and main fuel tank area. UPRR initially attempted in 2010 to have the site entered into the Storage Tank Trust Fund; however, KDHE rejected that claim because information submitted did not indicate a release had occurred. In 2011, following additional work by UPRR, the property was again submitted to the Trust Fund. In December 2011, KDHE again rejected the request.  
Contaminants detected in site soils include benzene (max. conc 6.98 mg/kg), naphthalene (max conc 536 mg/kg), and TPH-DRO (max conc 39,440 mg/kg). Benzene (max conc 0.0432 mg/l), naphthalene (max conc 1.86 mg/l), and TPH-DRO (max conc 334.1 mg/l) were also the main contaminants in groundwater. Analysis of the soil and groundwater included benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes, naphthalene, and TPH-DRO.  
Voluntary Agreement was sent to UPRR for signature Oct 22, 2012  
Groundwater monitoring is underway at the site. VP submitted work plan for SVE/AS Pilot Test in Feb. 2017.  
SVE/AS Pilot Test work plan approved on 05/01/2017. Pilot study implementation planned for 2nd quarter 2017.  
Groundwater monitoring report (four quarterly events in 2017) approved. SVE/AS pilot study report received and approved. VC Proposal development underway.  
VC Proposal Approved 11/6/2018. Preferred remedial alternative is soil vapor extraction (SVE) and air sparge (AS) system at the site of former fuel tanks. The SVE/AS system will largely focus on dissolved benzene in groundwater. Monitored natural attenuation and an environmental use control are proposed for the remainder of the site following an light non-aqeous phase liquid (LNAPL) study demonstrating LNAPL transmissivity below KDHE BER Policy 041 threshold for practical recovery.  
VC Plan development underway (Air Sparge/Soil Vapor Extraction System--AS/SVE). AS/SVE system will target VOC hot-spots.  
Semi-Annual GW monitoring for CoCs continues.  
06/07/2019: VC Plan Accepted; Public Notice Period 06/13/2019 - 6/28/2019. 07/02/2019: VC Plan Approved. Plan implementation (AS/SVE and monitoring underway).

Legal Description:
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Actions Completed:
 Activity Type  Activity
 PRP IDENTIFICATION/NEGOTIATION  Voluntary Agreement    12/10/2012
 INVESTIGATION  Voluntary Cleanup Investigation (VCI)  04/02/2013  06/16/2016
 EVALUATION OF REMEDIAL ALTERNATIVES  Voluntary Cleanup Proposal  09/20/2018  11/06/2018
 REMEDIAL DESIGN  Voluntary Cleanup Plan  04/01/2019  07/02/2019

Actions Underway:
 Activity Type  Activity
 REMEDIAL ACTION  VCP Plan Implementation    

Actions Proposed:
 Activity Type  Activity

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