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Project Code:  C402373614 Site Status: Active
CERCLIS Number:     
Address:  1401 W 23RD ST TO 1300 W 24TH STEETS  City:  LAWRENCE
Zip Code:  66046    
County:  DG  River Basin:  KS - Lower Republican
Latitude:  38.94256  Longitude:  -95.25182
Program Name:  Voluntary Cleanup  Project Manager:  JOHNSON, B.
Contaminants:  Heavy Metal, Refined Petroleum    

Environmental Use Control In Place? Yes
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Site Narrative:
Opus Development Co. Inc. (Opus), submitted an application to the VCPRP on January 29, 2019 to address 4.4 acres located south of West 23rd and west of Naismith Drive in Lawrence, KS. Geotechnology Inc., conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)and a Revised Limited Phase II Environmental Sampling and Testing (Phase II) dated May 21, 2018 and January 15, 2019, on behalf of Opus. A single-story strip retail building and a single-story commercial building are located on the site. The following addresses are included as part of the site: 1401, 1403, 1411, 1441, 1443, 1445, 1449 West 23rd and 1300 West 24th Street. According to the Geologic Map of Kansas, the site is underlain by the Douglas Group which consists of mostly gray shale and sandstone with minor red shale, coal, gray limestone and conglomerate ranging from 140 to 250 feet thick. The subject property was historically used as a boat dealership/repair shop. In addition, former gas stations were identified at 1501 West 23rd Street and 1303 West 23rd Street. A VCI was conducted at 1301 West 23rd Street in 2013 and total petroleum hydrocarbons-diesel range organics (TPH-DRO) were identified in groundwater above cleanup values. The source of the petroleum contamination in groundwater on the west side of the Property was transferred to the Underground Storage Tank program for further assessment. The property was issued an environmental use control to restrict use on the property. The property is also adjacent to a gas pipeline.  
A review of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) records were conducted and none were identified for the site. The KGS Water Well database identified six monitoring wells adjacent and east of the subject property. The static water level measured 4 feet to 11 feet below ground surface (bgs) according to well records. The monitoring wells are owned by KDHE and monitor for petroleum impacts related to the former June’s Gulf Service (U4-023-14694). Annual groundwater sampling began in 2015 and has occurred annually except for 2017 where monitoring occurred semiannually. Groundwater flow direction is to the southeast. The most recent report (1/2018) did not identify contaminant concentrations above Kansas cleanup levels. In August 2017, mid-range hydrocarbons were identified in monitoring wells MW-5 and MW-6; however, concentrations were below Kansas cleanup levels.  
The Limited Phase II conducted by Geotechnology identified chromium in soil above KDHE’s residential risk-based cleanup level for soil at a depth of 8-10 feet. Mid-range hydrocarbon concentrations were identified above the residential cleanup level for groundwater in 7 of 9 locations sampled. High-range hydrocarbon concentrations were identified above the residential cleanup level for groundwater in 5 of 9 locations sampled. Napthalene concentrations were also identified above the residential screening level for indoor air.  
The site meets eligibility requirements and has been accepted into the VCPRP (VA# 19VCP0001) for petroleum hydrocarbons, metals, and volatile organic compounds. Based on the information submitted with the application, the contamination detected at this property is classified as Class II Contamination. VCPRP has provided this information to the Storage Tanks Program for their files.  
VCI WP approved 04/02/19. Fieldwork to commence on 04/04/2019.  
VCI Phases I (March 2019) and II (April 2019) approved. Contamination (TPH) has been delineated. No soil sources on the site. Groundwater impacted by TPH above RSKs. VP applying EUC to property and installing vapor barrier in new construction to mitigated exposure pathways.  
VC Plan Accepted 7/25/2019. VC Plan addresses potential exposure pathways via EUC restrictions to groundwater and a vapor barrier/passive mitigation system.

Legal Description:
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Actions Completed:
 Activity Type  Activity
 ASSESSMENT  Phase I Assessment  05/21/2018  05/21/2018
 ASSESSMENT  Phase II Assessment  10/09/2018  01/15/2019
 PRP IDENTIFICATION/NEGOTIATION  Voluntary Agreement  02/18/2019  03/22/2019
 INVESTIGATION  VCI - Phased  04/04/2019  04/05/2019
 INVESTIGATION  Voluntary Cleanup Investigation (VCI)  03/25/2019  05/17/2019
 INVESTIGATION  VCI - Phased  04/15/2019  05/17/2019
 EVALUATION OF REMEDIAL ALTERNATIVES  Voluntary Cleanup Proposal  06/01/2019  06/15/2019
 REMEDIAL DESIGN  Voluntary Cleanup Plan  06/28/2019  08/19/2019

Actions Underway:
 Activity Type  Activity
 REMEDIAL ACTION  VCP Plan Implementation  09/11/2019  

Actions Proposed:
 Activity Type  Activity

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