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Project Code:  C301100017 Site Status: Active
CERCLIS Number:  KSD043945609    
Address:  3600 NW 74TH  City:  COLUMBUS
Zip Code:  66725    
County:  CK  River Basin:  Neosho
Latitude:  37.23119  Longitude:  -94.96351
Program Name:  State Cooperative  Project Manager:  GREEN, P.
Contaminants:  Inorganic, Nitrates, Other (see Site Narrative)    

Environmental Use Control In Place? Yes
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Site Narrative:
The former Slurry Explosive Corporation (SEC) facility is located in west-central Cherokee County, approximately two miles east and three and one-half miles north of Hallowell, Kansas. The Site was formerly used as a maintenance shop for strip pit coal mining activities that continued until the 1970’s. Mined lands adjacent to the Site were donated to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks after mining activities ceased.  
The Site has been used to manufacture explosives since at least the late 1950’s. Spencer Chemical Company operated the Site from the late 1950’s until approximately 1964. In 1964, the former Gulf Oil Company (now Chevron) acquired Spencer Chemical and operated until 1984. Thermex Energy Corporation became owner and operator in 1984 and continued the production of explosives products until selling the site to Slurry Explosives Corporation (SEC) in 1990. SEC continued in the production of explosives products until 2001. In 2002, SEC sold the site real estate and equipment to Chemex II Corp., formerly known as Universal Tech Corporation. The site business interests were eventually sold to Orica, the current operator. Chemex I Corp. (LSB Industries, Inc.) retains ownership of the land.  
The primary products of the facility are ammonium nitrate-based, commercial-grade explosives and blasting agents. Assessments completed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment - Bureau of Environmental Remediation (KDHE-BER) identified nitrate, ammonia and perchlorate impacts in groundwater at and beyond the property. Surface waters of nearby Mined Land Lakes 22/23 ( "Horseshoe Lake") have also been impacted by these contaminants.  
In April of 2002, SEC and KDHE entered into a Consent Order requiring completion of a Comprehensive Investigation (CI)/Corrective Action Study (CAS) and Corrective Action Plan (CAP)/Corrective Action (CA) regarding site related contamination. The CI/CAS work has been conducted in a phased approach.  
Based on previous lake surface water perchlorate concentrations and on fish tissue sampling results, KDHE-BER and KDWP concurred on posting a fish/frog consumption advisory for the Horseshoe Lake in the fall of 2003. This fish advisory was rescinded in December, 2014.  
Groundwater and surface water are monitored on a semi-annual basis under the approved Water Assessment and Monitoring Program (WAMP). The Comprehensve Investigation Report covering multiple investigations conducted at the site was approved with comment by KDHE in September 2012. CHEMEX I Corp. completed its Corrective Action Study in September 2018. CHEMEX 1 is currently pursuing an Environmental Use Control on portions of Horseshoe Lake and parts of the adjoining division of Wildlife and Parks Land that is impacted by the perchlorate in groundwater. KDHE is drafting the Corrective Action Decision which will be available for public review before it is finalized.

Legal Description:
 Parcel  Description
   SW of the NE

Actions Completed:
 Activity Type  Activity
 PRP IDENTIFICATION/NEGOTIATION  Consent Order    04/22/2002
 PUBLIC RELATIONS  Public Information Plan    05/01/2002
 INVESTIGATION  Comprehensive Investigation  11/04/2002  09/11/2012
 EVALUATION OF REMEDIAL ALTERNATIVES  Corrective Action Study  09/11/2012  09/12/2018
 DECISION OF REMEDIAL ALTERNATIVES  Corrective Action Decision  08/01/2018  07/10/2019
 REMEDIAL DESIGN  Corrective Action Plan  07/10/2019  10/04/2019
 PUBLIC RELATIONS  Public Notice  01/01/2020  01/01/2020
 PUBLIC RELATIONS  Comment Period  01/01/2020  01/31/2020

Actions Underway:
 Activity Type  Activity
 MONITORING  Compliance Monitoring  06/01/2005  
 ENVIRONMENTAL USE CONTROLS  Environmental Use Control(s)  10/31/2018  
 REMEDIAL ACTION  Corrective Action  10/05/2019  

Actions Proposed:
 Activity Type  Activity

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