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Project Code:  C208773100 Site Status: Active
CERCLIS Number:     
Other Names:     
Address:  8947 W. CENTRAL  City:  WICHITA
Zip Code:     
County:  SG  River Basin: 
Latitude:  37.69278  Longitude:  -97.44629
Program Name:  Drycleaning  Project Manager:  CLAPP, A.
Contaminants:  VOC    

Environmental Use Control In Place? No
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Site Narrative:
In 2009, the KDHE Site Assessment Program conducted a Unified Focused Assessment (UFA) of the former Standard Products radium dial property at 7920 West Kellogg in Wichita, Kansas. Samples collected during the UFA contained tetrachloroethylene (PCE). The former Standard Products site was referred for additional investigation to determine the source of the PCE.  
In 2013, a Site Evaluation at the former Standard Products site concluded that the PCE was emanating from an upgradient source. In 2014, samples from six private domestic wells and from direct push borings in the upgradient direction from the former Standard Products site were collected. The Site Assessment program also conducted a directory search to identify potential sources which operated in the upgradient area. Direct push sampling and the directory search identified the former Four Seasons Dry Cleaners at 8947 W. Central Ave. and the former Best Cleaners at 9334 W. Central as potential sources of the contamination. Analytical results identified the former Four Seasons as a source of PCE contamination.  
The site was transferred to the Kansas Dry Cleaning Program in 2014 for additional investigation, corrective action and collect additional samples from private wells. A total of 222 samples were collected from private wells.  
The Dry Cleaning Program compared the analytical results from the domestic well sampling to the EPA Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) and the EPA Removal Management Level (RML) concentrations to determine immediate risk to the residents. The MCL is a drinking water standard calculated for long-term ingestion of drinking water. The RML is a shorter-term risk based screening value used to make risk-based decisions for the removal of the risk. Domestic wells with sample results greater than the RMLs were equipped with a point-of-entry whole-house carbon treatment system to reduce the risk of exposure to contaminated water. Residences with domestic well sample results greater than the MCL but less than the RML were provided with bottled water for drinking and cooking. The City of Wichita municipal water supply water mains were extended to connect residences in the AoC to the municipal water supply.  
Vapor intrusion investigations were completed at a middle school located in close proximity to the plume; an apartment complex immediately down-gradient of the former Four Seasons dry cleaners; and nine single-family residences. All vapor intrusion results were below the KDHE action levels.  
Additional source assessment was completed in 2017 & 2018 to better delineate the location of the contamination. Based on the data collected, additional monitoring wells were installed and work was awarded for an air sparge / soil vapor extraction system design using a cut-off trench.  
Vapor Intrusion Assessment has been completed in the AOC to assess the risk of vapor intrusion from subsurface contamination.  
The AS/SVE System has been installed and is operational. Monitoring will take place to determine the effectiveness of the remedy.

Legal Description:
 Parcel  Description

Actions Completed:
 Activity Type  Activity
 INTERIM ACTION  Provide Alternative Water Supply  04/23/2014  08/15/2017
 INVESTIGATION  Comprehensive Investigation  11/16/2016  06/13/2018

Actions Underway:
 Activity Type  Activity
 REMEDIAL ACTION  Remedial Action  05/01/2018  
 INVESTIGATION  Contamination Assessment  02/11/2019  

Actions Proposed:
 Activity Type  Activity

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