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Project Code:  C208771485 Site Status: Resolved WITH Restrictions
CERCLIS Number:     
Address:  8001 OAK KNOLL RD  City:  WICHITA
Zip Code:  67207    
County:  SG  River Basin:  Lower Arkansas
Latitude:  37.64936  Longitude:  -97.243
Program Name:  Voluntary Cleanup  Project Manager:  ENGLAND, R.
Contaminants:  Refined Petroleum, VOC    

Environmental Use Control In Place? Yes
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Site Narrative:
The property consists of a bulk petroleum storage facility and products terminal. Operation began in 1955 and currently has capacity of 265,100 barrells in six tanks. In 1995, a gasoline release of 193 barrels ocurred due to the overfilling of a tank. In 1996, the site was assessed for soil/groundwater contamination and determined that the soil/groundwater was impacted at concentrations exceeding minimum acceptable levels.  
On 11/14/2001, an application to Voluntary Cleanup and Property Redevelopment Program (VCPRP) was received. In 10/2001, the site was accepted into the VCPRP.  
In 6/2002, KDHE received the Voluntary Cleanup Investigation (VCI) Work Plan to address the area impacted by the 1995 gasoline release from tank 201. KDHE issued comment to the work plan on two occasions in July and September of 2002.  
In 10/2002, three wells were installed and soil and groundwater samples collected. Groundwater samples obtained by KDHE indicated the presence of 1,2 dichloroethylene (1,2 DCE) and trichloroethylene (TCE). In 5/2003 KDHE approved installation of additional monitoring wells.  
In 6/2003, chlorinated solvents were discovered and verified during a subsequent sampling event. In 10/2003, Conoco informed KDHE of the intent to conduct a study to access groundwater hydrology and determine the source of the chlorinated solvents on the property.  
In 8/2005, a groundwater monitoring event was conducted. 1,2 DCE was detected in three of the monitoring wells. 1,2 DCE was detected in one of the wells at a concentration exceeding its RSK value. TCE was also detected in two of the wells above its RSK value. TPH-DRO was detected in one well at a concentration below its RSK value.  
In 1/2006, a groundwater monitorng event indicated that petroleum contamination was below their respective RSK values. Prior to issuing a No Further Action determination, it was discovered that TPH-GRO had previously been detected in the soil above non-residential cleanup standards.  
On 9/24/2010, Phase V VCI Work Plan was approved and included additional groundwater assessment to delineate the groundwater plume.  
Additional investigational work was conducted at the adjacent property east (King Louie Enterprises) which may influence decisions regarding Phillips 66 (P66). Further intrusive activities at the Wichita Terminal was posponed until the King Louie VCI is completed and the data analyzed. An investigation to complete delineation of 1,2 DCE has been conducted.  
A VCI Work Plan involving of installation of one additional monitoring well and collection of source area soil samples in July 2013; the report for these activites was approved 4-16-14.  
The report associated with the most recent annual groundwater monitoring event conducted in June 2016 was approved on 10-6-16. During a 1-24-17 meeting, P66 proposed closing the site without restrictions and that a qualitative risk analysis would be submitted to support this approach. The KDHE concurred with the proposal and a request for No Further Action (NFA) determination without restrictions was submitted on 4-24-17. KDHE subsequently requested that Environmental Use Controls (EUCs) be placed on the property. P66 agreed to the KDHE request and following revision of the request for NFA determination document, it was conditionally approved on 4-30-18. An application was submitted to the EUC Program in May 2018. A EUC Agreement (EUCA) was recorded on the deed for the site on 4-23-19. The request for NFA determination document was made available for public comment between 5-3-19 and 5-17-19 and no comments were received. A Soil Management Plan (SMP) and the EUCA was approved on 5-31-19. A NFA determination, with restrictions (EUCs), was issued for the site on 6-11-19.

Legal Description:
 Parcel  Description
   NW 1/4 NW 1/4

Actions Completed:
 Activity Type  Activity
 PRP IDENTIFICATION/NEGOTIATION  Voluntary Agreement    05/28/2002
 INVESTIGATION  VCI - Phased  04/25/2003  09/24/2003
 INVESTIGATION  VCI - Phased  10/27/2003  11/05/2004
 INVESTIGATION  VCI - Phased  04/21/2005  10/18/2005
 INVESTIGATION  VCI - Phased  12/22/2005  10/03/2006
 INVESTIGATION  VCI - Phased  10/16/2012  04/16/2014
 INVESTIGATION  Voluntary Cleanup Investigation (VCI)  06/18/2002  04/30/2018
 SITE ACTIONS COMPLETE  NFA Letter with EUC Issued    06/11/2019

Actions Underway:
 Activity Type  Activity

Actions Proposed:
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