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Project Code:  C107673396 Site Status: Active
CERCLIS Number:     
Other Names:     
Zip Code:     
County:  PR  River Basin:  Lower Arkansas
Latitude:  37.642887  Longitude:  -98.849727
Program Name:  Voluntary Cleanup  Project Manager:  BENNETT, B.
Contaminants:  Nitrates    

Environmental Use Control In Place? No
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Site Narrative:
Magellan Ammonia Pipeline, L.P. submitted an application to the VCPRP for the Magellan Ammonia Pipeline MP-210 site located 6 miles west of Pratt, Kansas, along 60th Avenue. The site is currently agricultural, consisting of crop land and pasture land. Magellan Ammonia Pipeline, L.P. operates an ammonia pipeline 6 feet below ground surface. A release of an unknown amount of ammonia occurred, and KDHE was notified in May, 2016. According to the KGS Water Well Database, there is one domestic well 0.3 mile south of the site, and one irrigation well 1.0 mile southwest from the site. An intermittent tributary of the South Fork Ninnescha River is located 700 feet southeast of the site. The South Fork Ninnescha River is located approximately 4 miles east of the site.  
KDHE sent an encouragement letter to Magellan on October 3, 2016. Magellan submitted an application to the VCPRP, which was received by KDHE on November 20, 2016. According to documentation submitted to the KDHE Southwest District Office (SWDO) and subsequently submitted as part of the application, Magellan’s initial response activities in May and June included excavating and properly disposing of nitrate contaminated soil (Interim Remedial Measure Completion Report, June 27, 2016). An initial excavation was conducted, with confirmation samples sent to be laboratory analyzed. Based on analytical data, an over-excavation of 65x30x6 feet was conducted, with a depth of approximately 15 feet directly below the pipeline release point. Excavation to additional depth was not practical due to neighboring pipelines, and potential future damage to the pipelines.  
According to the report, a total of 450 cubic yards of impacted soil were removed and thinspread on approximately 160 acres of adjacent property at a rate of 50lb/acre total nitrogen. However, confirmation samples collected from the bottom of the excavation, before backfilling indicated nitrate levels in soil remain above KDHE Policy #BER-RS-047 Tier 2 clean-up levels. Concentrations identified in floor samples ranged from 10,200-26,300 mg/kg of total nitrogen. Concentrations identified in sidewall samples ranged from 5.12-22.3 mg/kg of total nitrogen. No investigation of groundwater has been conducted at the site.  
Voluntary Agreement #16VCP0011, was signed by the Secretary and executed on January 3, 2017.  
A Voluntary Cleanup Investigation work plan was submitted and approved by KDHE on April 5, 2017. Planned VCI activities include a water well receptor survey, groundwater monitoring well installation, surveying the monitoring wells, and groundwater sampling. Two events conducted September 2017 and May 2018, did not identify and concentations of nitrate or nitrite above the MCLs in any of the five monitoring wells. KDHE approved the second groundwater monitoring report on September 25, 2018. KDHE anticipates receiving a Voluntary Cleanup Summary and Closure Request in the near future.

Legal Description:
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Actions Completed:
 Activity Type  Activity
 TRANSFER  Transfer Within Bureau    01/03/2017
 PUBLIC RELATIONS  Public Notice  05/16/2019  05/31/2019
 REMEDIAL DESIGN  Voluntary Cleanup Plan  05/01/2019  06/03/2019

Actions Underway:
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Actions Proposed:
 Activity Type  Activity
 INVESTIGATION  Voluntary Cleanup Investigation (VCI)  04/05/2017  

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