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Project Code: C306372068 Site Status: Active
Other Names:
County: MG River Basin: Verdigris
Latitude: 37.013653 Longitude: -95.9437
Program Name: Orphan Sites Project Manager: ZIRFAS, B.
Contaminants: Heavy Metal
Site Narrative:
Several refineries across the state were identified in the fall of 2005 through historical reviews and reconnaissance activities. KDHE conducted these efforts to identify several former refinery facility locations documented to exist throughout Kansas.
The Former Kanotex Refinery was constructed in 1907 and began operation in 1909. The
refinery was in operation for approximately 10 years. The property has subsequently been
owned by several different companies and individuals. The current owner is Mr. Thornton who purchased the property in 1989.
In 2006 a Phase 1 FFRA was completed at the Former Kanotex Refinery Site. According to the Phase I report, the former use of the subject property as a petroleum refining facility poses a threat of environmental impact. The report also identified two surrounding properties posing a potential environmental threat to the Subject Property, the City of Caney Landfill and Caney Agri Services Site. The Phase I report recommended sampling of the subject property to determine impacts to the Former Kanotex Refinery Site.
In 2009 a Phase II FFRA was completed at the Former Kanotex Refinery Site. Results of the Phase II indicated the City of Caney Landfill and Caney Agri Services Site were not impacting the Former Kanotex Refinery Site. Impacts from former refinery operations were identified on the subject property. Metals contamination exceeding KDHE Tier 2 Risk-Based Standards for Residential and/or Non-Residential Scenarios Soil Pathway was identified in sediment, surface soils, and subsurface soils. TPH-GRO contamination exceeding the KDHE Tier 2 Risk-Based Standard for Residential Scenarios Soil to Groundwater Protection Pathway was identified at one subsurface soil sample location. The Phase II report recommended further investigation and delineation of metals and TPH-GRO contamination at the Former Kanotex Refinery Site.
In May 2010 KDHE instigated a Supplemental Sampling Assessment at the Kanotex Refinery site. The Supplemental Sampling Assessment is a phased investigation to determine the magnitude, extent, and volume of metals contamination in soil, TPH-GRO contamination in soil, and metals contamination in sediment. The first phase, determining the extent of metals contamination in soil, is still in progress. KDHE continued the Supplemental Sampling Assessment investigation into 2012.
A Comprehensive Investigation was conducted in March 2018 to further identify contaminated areas as a result of former refinery operations. TPH, SVOCs and metals were all detected over RSK.

Legal Description:
Parcel Description
35 i
13E i
12 i
i S1/2, S1/2, NW1/4, SW1/4 i

Actions Completed:
Activity Type Activity
ASSESSMENT Phase I Assessment 02/01/2006i 02/28/2006i
ASSESSMENT Phase II Assessment 02/01/2009i 06/01/2009i
ASSESSMENT Supplemental Sampling Assessment 12/22/2017i 08/21/2018i

Actions Underway:
Activity Type Activity
ASSESSMENT Supplemental Sampling Assessment 05/01/2010i i

Actions Proposed:
Activity Type Activity
i i i i

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