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Project Code: C208772195 Site Status: Resolved
Other Names:
Address: 1024 S. SANTA FE City: WICHITA
County: SG River Basin: Lower Arkansas
Latitude: 37.67386 Longitude: -97.32993
Program Name: Site Assessment Project Manager: BER - Assessment and Restoration
Contaminants: Other (see Site Narrative)
Site Narrative:
The former Kelley Instruments, Inc. radium dial shop facility was located at 1024 (also 1004 and 1008) South Santa Fe Avenue in Wichita, Kansas. The facility was in operation repairing aircraft instruments (including some with radium dials and faces) at the licensed location from apparently as early as 1983 to as late as 1990. A Radioactive Materials License (RML) #25-R552-was granted to Kelley Instruments, Inc. on November 30, 1984 by KDHE Bureau of Air and Radiation (BAR), for repair operations and restricted handling of radium dial instruments including the amount of time of possession to no opening the case of, or removal of any painted component of, or repair of a radium dial instrument.
The 2007 Unified Focused Assessment (UFA), conducted by the KDHE Bureau of Environmental Remediation (BER), identified contaminants of concern in the soil at the site including radium-226 (Ra-226), arsenic and lead. In a radiological survey of surface soils, the highest detection of radioactivity was 103 microroentgens per hour (mR/hr), exceeding the highest background measurement of 12 mR/hr. Soil samples submitted for laboratory analysis detected a maximum value of 102 picocuries per gram (pCi/g) of Ra-226, 12.7 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg) of arsenic, and 456 mg/kg of lead. The arsenic and lead results both exceed the corresponding Tier 2 levels as set out in the RSK Manual (11 mg/kg for arsenic and 400 mg/kg for lead). The Ra-226 concentration exceeds the site-specific cleanup goal of 5.89 pCi/g, which equates to 5 pCi/g plus background of 0.89 pCi/g. Tetrachloroethene (also known as PCE) and trichloroethene (TCE) were also detected at levels of 58 micrograms per liter (mg/L) and 12 mg/L, respectively, which exceeds the corresponding U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maximum contaminant level (MCL) for those contaminants. However, this chlorinated organic contamination appears attributable to the larger Gilbert & Mosley Site in Wichita, within which the Site is located.
In 2009, KDHE attempted to negotiate a Consent Order with the responsible party; however, the responsible party elected to be referred to EPA for removal action. The site was transferred to EPA in February 2010. In May 2011, EPA conducted a fund-lead removal action of radium contaminated soil. An EPA contractor removed 8 cubic yards of soil from an area within the parking lot south of the building at 1024 S. Santa Fe.
KDHE conducted a close-out Preliminary Assessment on September 25, 2015. Field work included a surficial radiological survey and the collection of three groundwater and one subsurface soil samples. Each groundwater sample indicated tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene (TCE), and cis 1,2-dichloroethylene. The concentrations of TCE in one of the samples exceeded the EPA's MCL of 5 micrograms per liter. One groundwater sample was submitted for radium-226 analysis and the result was below the EPA screening level and the three times background concentration. The subsurface soil sample was collected adjacent to the previous soil removal area and indicated radium-226 at 18.679 pCi/g, exceeding both the EPA screening level and three times background concentrations but below the DGCLemc of 51 pCi/g calculated during the Removal Action Report. The detections of chlorinated solvents in groundwater are attributable to the upgradient Gilbert & Mosley site. Therefore, no further site assessment is recommended.

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Actions Completed:
Activity Type Activity
ASSESSMENT Unified Focused Assessment (UFA) 01/26/2007i 06/27/2007i
TRANSFER Transfer Within Bureau i 06/27/2007i
PRP IDENTIFICATION/NEGOTIATION Notification Letter 11/01/2007i 01/14/2009i
TRANSFER Referral to EPA i 02/19/2010i
REMOVAL ACTION Removal Action i 05/31/2011i
TRANSFER Transfer Within Bureau 05/17/2012i 05/17/2012i
ASSESSMENT Preliminary Assessment (PA) 07/01/2015i 07/29/2016i

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