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Project Code:  C508571972 Site Status: Active
Site Name:  PARIS CORP (FMR)    
CERCLIS Number:     
Other Names:     
Address:  521 BISHOP  City:  SALINA
Zip Code:  67401    
County:  SA  River Basin:  Smoky Hills - Saline
Latitude:  38.846768  Longitude:  -97.613671
Program Name:  Orphan Sites  Project Manager:  CUTTER, J.
Contaminants:  VOC    
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Site Narrative:
Various bread, flour, and grain-type businesses operated at the property from 1944 to 1975. KDHE Bureau of Waste Management (BWM) Hazardous Waste Generator files indicate that the former Paris Corporation (Corp) operated from 1978 to 1985 and generated waste solvents, solvent mix (xylene and trichloroethylene (TCE)), paint sludge, and air filters from paint booths. Facility operations included assembly and manufacturing of electronic consumer products.  
In 1992, the property was purchased. Correspondence indicated that the property was being used for construction company storage for light equipment, with no generation, use, storage, disposal, or handling of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A Buried Tank Leak Assessment in January 1992 indicated that a 1000-gallon underground storage tank (UST) formerly containing gasoline was removed from near the northwest corner of the facility. No leaks or detectable contamination were observed.  
In 2001, KDHE Site Assessment unit conducted an Environmental Site Investigation (ESI) at the Salina PWS Well #11 site (C5-085-03004). Groundwater samples collected immediately downgradient of the former Paris Corp facility had detections of VOCs including 1,1-dichloroethylene (1,1-DCE) and 1,1,1-trichloroethane (1,1,1-TCA). Concentrations of 1,1-DCE exceeded its Risk-based Standards for Kansas (RSK) value of 7 micrograms per liter (ug/L). The VOC plume appeared to have originated at the southwest corner of Bishop and 10th Streets.  
From 2002 to 2004, KDHE identified past property owners and operator; and also attempted to identify any potentially responsible parties, but none were identified. The corporate status of the Paris Corporation was listed as dissolved with no apparent successors.  
Site reconnaissance of the former Paris Corp site occurred in December 2008. A large grated floor drain was observed in the northeast portion of the facility. Removal of collected material within the drain revealed an open subsurface cavity that ran north, but it is unknown which direction the drain exited the building.  
In January 2009, a Site Investigation (SI) was conducted which included the collection of soil and groundwater samples from 18 locations near the site. The SI report concluded that 1,1-DCE and 1,1,2-TCA were detected in groundwater samples above their respective residential RSK value located east of the former Paris Corp facility. Groundwater appeared to be impacted to the shallow portion of the aquifer from 38-42 feet below ground surface (bgs). Only 1,1-DCE was identified in two soil samples ranging from 34-36 feet bgs. An exact source area was not identified, but the deep soil and shallow groundwater analytical results indicated a likely source area originating from the southwest corner of Bishop and 10th Streets. The groundwater plume has migrated eastward. It was recommended to install monitoring wells to monitor the 1,1-DCE concentrations in the groundwater.  
In June 2009, KDHE installed and sampled three monitoring wells (SWP-1, SWP-2, and SWP-3) at the site as part of the first Long-Term Monitoring (LTM) sampling event. Analytical results indicated 1,1-DCE concentrations exceeded RSK value in monitoring wells SWP-1 and SWP-3. Since April 2010, monitoring well MW-18 from the Salina, Fire Station UST site (U5-085-00614) has been included in the annual LTM sampling events. Annual LTM sampling events have found concentrations of 1,1-DCE over residential RSK in monitoring wells SWP-1 and SWP-3. 1,1,2-TCA was last detected in SWP-1 over residential RSK in 2011 and has since fallen below RSK.  
Long term monitoring has continued biennially since 2011. The 2020 sampling event detected 1,1-DCE 1,1,2-trichloroethane (1,1,2-TCA) above RSK in one monitoring well. Long-term monitoring will continue on an annual basis.

Legal Description:
 Parcel  Description
   SE1/4 of NE1/4 of SE1/4

Actions Completed:
 Activity Type  Activity
 ASSESSMENT  Expanded Site Inspection  03/31/2001  03/28/2002
 PRP IDENTIFICATION/NEGOTIATION  PRP Search  04/25/2002  02/14/2003
 PRP IDENTIFICATION/NEGOTIATION  Information Request Letter  01/07/2003  02/14/2003
 TRANSFER  Transfer Within Bureau  05/13/2004  05/13/2004
 INVESTIGATION  Source Investigation  12/01/2008  03/18/2009

Actions Underway:
 Activity Type  Activity
 MONITORING  Long Term Monitoring  07/01/2009  

Actions Proposed:
 Activity Type  Activity
 INVESTIGATION  Comprehensive Investigation  12/14/2018  

Environmental Use Control In Place? No

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